Todd Barnett, pictured here with 3 of his 4 camp-aged children, has been Field Camp’s Owner and Director since its start in 2000. He used to spend his summers at camp while teaching the rest of the year, and then while running Field School, a local boys middle school he founded in 2007. His off-seasons nowadays are consumed with camp duties, his family, and an initiative to promote Outdoors Civic Education. He and his wife Meredith Montague (who is often seen helping out with driving and other duties around camp) and their family live in Charlottesville.

The 2021 Staff (with the number of years they have been at Field Camp):  Aidan Folger (9), Andy Goodstein (4), Henry Sours (13), Laurel Dent (8), Stewart Morris (12), Catherine Wilkerson (18), Oliver Armstrong (11), Thatcher Healy (11), Duncan Heay (11), Shep Trundle (4), Jabari Redmon (1), Caroline Grist (8), Katie Gayheart (1), Sam Gruber (1), Ethan Brewster (8), Jackson Sneathern (10), Kathryn Lenert (7), Jack Helmke (10), Sam Bowers (9), Fran Caruccio (8), Josef Bekiranov (8), Zoe Kershner (7), Annika Beenhakker (11), Jordan Kessler (1), Jenna Hauger (2), and Jack Intihar (3).  The staff includes local teachers and students attending UVa’s Medical School, Brown University, VCU, William and Mary, Virginia Tech, UVA, Charlottesville HS, Western Albemarle HS, Albemarle HS, Miller School, Saint Anne’s, and Tandem Friends.  

If you are interested in being a part of the staff, please write Todd at and send a resume. We generally have enough younger staff, but are usually interested in hiring older counselors with teaching or outdoors experience. If you would like a well paying and fun summer job in the outdoors, let us know.