See below for our Holiday shop open until December 7th for orders that will be shipped in order arrive before December 25th. We have tee shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, wreaths and camp books available below. Please note that the wreaths cannot be shipped but will have to be picked up at Blue Ridge (1275 Owensville Road) on Sunday, November 27th from 1 to 3 p.m. or at Camp Albemarle (1675 4-H Way) on Sunday December 4th from 1 to 3 p.m. All sale profits will be added to the camp’s Scholarship Fund.

You can order any of the three designs here as a T-shirt or hoodie (see order form below). The first is for all the camp Frogs, featuring their gung ho motto: “All Gas, No Brakes.” Some have demurred that perhaps, every once in a while, brakes would be a good thing. But who’s to argue with them. Go Frogs!

Or perhaps you’re a frog, and want to show your Hog pride. As Stewart would say, “Shhh! Go Hogs!”

This design is meant for sweatshirts or hoodies, but can be purchased as a tee shirt as well.

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Shipping is free, but I find it hard to get things to Costa Rica by mail, so I'll just bring it to you, okay Pablo?


Please give specific details here about your order. For example, you might write "We want a child large Frogs tee shirt," or perhaps "we want a BLUE RIDGE hoodie adult small and an adult small Hogs tee shirt." I will call if I have questions. All orders need to be placed by December 7th!
These are not for sale.