Game Guide

Use this quick guide for an understanding of the games we play... A pocket version of this guide will be available soon at the Field Camp big box store up on 29 North.

Game Resembles Introduced By Watch Out For Started In...
Elijahball Table Tennis Elijah Elijah/Emily S. 2003
Cornhole Horseshoes Carling Andrew Junkin, Parks 2006
Innertube Golf Golf Todd Andrew Junkin 2007
Bartball Knockout Bart Quinn Parks 2003
Toddball Foul Shots Todd/Karim Fifi 2003/2006
Capture-the-Flag Battlefield Tag Jay Quinn, Ralph (lest you break something) 2000
Speed Scrabble Scrabble Cindy Todd 2008
Cool Counselor Rap Contest Emily Eliza 2010
Chess Checkers Jay John Park, Will R. 2000

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