Film Fest

In 2007, we staged the first-ever Field Camp Film Fest. We invited campers to submit films to show on a Thursday night, and we also produced two films during a particular week of camp. The two teams were the Rugby Road Ratings (Michael Santulli, Austin Bouchard and Daniel Wagner) and the Fry's Spring Fake Shemps (Ralph Geilker and James Duva). They write, film and edit these works over the course of three days, and they have to follow guidelines decided on by the campers each year. The rules for the first year were the inclusion of a montage and a fake shemp, and the second year a Western shootout and a dream sequence. We are very proud of their work and we look forward to more excellent filmmaking in future years.

Dustin told me he'd put all our films on a Youtube channel, something I could not possibly do myself. Dustin?

2008 - Law and Order - Field Camp Investigaotrs Unit (Michael Santulli, Austin Bouchard)

2008 - The Secret Life of AMCO (Ralph Geilker, Daniel Wagner, Charlotte Hornsby)

2008 - Field Camp Day (Ralph Geilker)

2007 - The New Kid (Ralph Geilker, James Duva)


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