Stafffield camp @ Blue Ridge Swim Club


Camp Staff

The Summer 2018 Staff included (along with the number of years they have been at Field Camp Todd Barnett (20), Aidan Folger (5), Olivia Colom (8), Jack Riley (12), Sarah Gunter (10), Henry Sours (11), Stewart Morris (10), Loick Derquenne (5), Evelyn Hall (2), Taylor Morris (10), Forrest Veerhoff (9), Russell Richards (6), Will Ancona (4), Stan Marshall (1), Ivy Geilker (13), Laurel Dent (5), Gracie Rudder (5), and Dominique Matte (2). 



Todd Barnett

Todd, the camp's longtime director, is currently the Head of School and Founder of Field School of Charlottesville, a middle school for boys. Shown here at his summertime office at Snake Hole along the Moormans River, he imagines himself playing guitar in the camp band, if that ever really comes together.  He and his wife Meredith have four kids.



Interested in Working at Field Camp?

Our camp staff tends to be drawn from the campers, who apply to volunteer as CITs, and then are often hired in later years.  However, we occasionally have a need for staff, particularly older counselors.  All staffers are expected to seek certain safety certifications in order to work. If you are interested in being a part of the staff, send us a resume and cover letter.  See the contacts page for information.  






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